The practical application scope of screw pump is introduced in detail

  1. Eco-environmental protection: industrial production wastewater, domestic sewage treatment, transportation of solid particles and polyester short fiber sludge turbid water, very suitable for oil-gas separators, plate-and-frame filters and other machinery and equipment.
  2. Shipbuilding industry: wheel bottom cleaning, transportation of water, oil, oil residue, oil wastewater and other substances.
  3. Petrochemical industry: injecting polymer compounds into petroleum, petroleum and water compounds, coal field gas and water compounds and geological structures, reducing the oil and gas production cost of machinery and equipment oil production plants and coal mines, and improving the oil recovery rate of oil holes.
  4. Pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical products: transportation of all kinds of thick slurry, emulsified oil and all kinds of cream skin care products.
  5. Industrial production of canned food and fruit: transportation of all kinds of thick cassava starch, edible oil, pure honey, syrup, fruit pulp, fresh cream, fish meal and its corner materials.
  6. Brewing industrial production: all kinds of mellow pulp, concentrated red yeast rice wine, grain handicraft residue, all kinds of sauce products, pulp and small pieces of solid mucus, etc.
  7. Industrial production of engineering construction: painting and transportation of mixed mortar, lime slurry, architectural coatings and their viscous bodies.
  8. Mining industry: surface water and sewage containing solid particles in coal mines are discharged to the road surface.
  9. Chemical industry: all kinds of mixed liquids, vegetable oils, all kinds of colloidal solutions and pastes, and all kinds of adhesives.
  10. Packaging, printing and papermaking industries: transportation of low-viscosity printing ink, PVC polymer plastic paste for wallpaper and paddles and polyester staple pulp with various concentration values.
  11. Boiler and power station: transportation of coal water slurry.

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