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    We provide alternative solutions for all major brands of screw pump spare parts.

    NETZSCH screw pumps alternative accessories

    SEEPEX screw pumps alternative accessories

    MONO screw pumps alternative accessories

    PCM screw pumps alternative accessories

    Other brands of screw pumps and Alternative accessories

    Why HONG WEN?

    Provide innovative fluid engineering solutions across multiple industries.

    We take pride in our ability to efficiently handle over 5,000 fluids in more than 25 industry sectors around the world.

    We will also provide solutions for the appropriate pump and its replacement parts according to your actual working conditions.

    Whether it is the environment and energy, chemical, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceutical, mining, oil, and gas upstream, mid/downstream, or battery industries, we can provide personalized solutions.

    Application industry of screw pump


    Global Progressive screw pump

    Supply of screw pumps and replacement parts worldwide

    Replacement aftermarket pump and progressive cavity pump parts for each series. Including stator, rotor, connecting rod, universal joint assembly, drive shaft, mechanical seal, mechanical seal housing, packing, packing chamber, and pump body, except for special pump types, almost all can be provided.

    OEM your own progressive screw pump parts

    Screw pump structure

    Get information on the bill of materials for progressive cavity pump parts .

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