Food & Beverage

Preserving the quality of food and beverages requires delicate treatment throughout the manufacturing process. Whether it’s processing batters, fats & oils, flavorings, or sweeteners, choosing the right equipment is essential.

Working principle of screw pump

Equipment advantage   

  • It can transport high concentration, viscosity <10000PaS, and suspended slurry particles.
  • The conveying liquid flow is stable, and the slurry has no over-current, pulsation, stirring, or shearing phenomenon.
  • The discharge pressure has nothing to do with the rotation speed, and the low flow rate can maintain a high discharge pressure.
  • The flow rate is proportional to the rotational speed, which can be adjusted by a speed change mechanism or a high-speed motor.
  • The self-priming ability is strong, and the rotation direction of the pump changes the direction of the liquid flow.
  • Smooth operation, slight vibration, and low noise.

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Sanitary screw pumps are widely used in the food industry.


Dairy, Beverage, Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Our solutions guarantee smooth operation and reliability for application in the food industry. The use of screw pumps is specific, particularly in this industry segment, as they handle fluids without causing any damage to the pumped product.

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