How do screw pump manufacturers maintain electric oil well pumps?

To speed up the production rhythm, some enterprises now make mechanical equipment run continuously for 24 hours, significantly reducing the mechanical equipment’s service life. The electric pump should be operated in a suitable and standardized manner and maintained in time to improve the service life, so how does the screw pump manufacturer maintain it?

The electric oil pump should often add fat

The electric oil drum pump runs at high speed, and the grease is volatile, so it is necessary to keep the bearing moist and clean and pay attention to replacement.

Progressive cavity pump maintenance

Pay attention to the insulation resistance of the electric oil pump

For electric oil well pumps that are on hold for a long time or used in wet environments, the insulation resistance of the windings must be measured with a 500-volt megohmmeter. The winding must be dry if the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor case is less than seven megohms.

The electric oil pump should be checked and maintained frequently.

Save each part and replace the same amount

After dismantling and checking the electric oil well pump, if it is damaged, it should be updated in time. Subsequent material performance materials or parts that do not meet original specifications must not be used. All features should be installed in their original positions and must not be omitted during installation.

For screw pump manufacturers, note that the electric storage pump should be placed in a dry, clean, airless environment.

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